Empathize-know the other Feeling, thought, reflect inner to outer Takes only one person

What you sew you reap

SOWING/REAPING I. No beginning, no end Each moment defines who you are Listen, think, act carefully SOWING/REAPING II Put peace and care first Each thought and action moves you closer To The One That IS SOWING/REAPING III Fast, slow, hard and soft Move forward into timeless space Watch The Light come in.


Life giving substance Pure is rare The vessel and meaning of Truth Symbol so clear ingest this precious substance and its meaning Assimilate its Purpose Connection to Who and What YOU truly are

When you look at yourself in the mirror

When you look at yourself in the Mirror WHAT do you SEE? A face aging, or not and blemishes, or not?! Look deep into your eyes ARE YOU FREE? Feel and then KNOW the answer What burdens do you carry around inside? Relying on the world To make your frown Seeing the blame is the…

Actions Have Consequences

What we understand as “action” has many hidden dimensions. Action is not only a physical event but is also a thought and emotional event! What you feel and what you think has a consequence. Even though it ‘appears’ to be invisible, it is not. Every thought, feeling and act has an energy. Every energy has…