Count your Blessings The foundation of faith In each of us, NOW Practice this and YOU Will experience burdens released Freedom is in each breath.


What is this? Does it reside in an abode? Town? Does it reside in a circumstance of ‘comfort’? Does it reside in a state of health? Does it reside in a state of mind! Yes. What does a ‘state of mind’ mean? Logical, reasonable thoughts! An experience of faith and understanding! An experience of Joy!…

Mediators Panel on Diversity

As a Florida Certified Mediator, Dr. Steven Handwerker along with a group of five other mediators, discussed ways to create greater unity in the context of a diverse field giving voice to the diverse body of certified mediators. This webinar by mediators for mediators reviews tools for more diversity, equity and inclusion. Get webinar access…

By The Light

Into the darkness Light goes Into each and every corner inside In each and every way YOU are meant to Be And more than just survive Thrive! Through the Light And into the darkness You are meant to Be