We as humans have four centers of energy and vibration. The mind/body complex is best served through a dual awareness process. Engaging a conscious breathing process allows a person to enhance self awareness and purification of the physical and emotional bodies. The use of meditation,visualization and concentration upon higher vibrations can exponentially expand the effectiveness of these processes. ANYTHING you think, feel and do CAN or CANNOT enhance and increase the opportunity for a spiritual transformation. Each center, that is, mind, body, emotion and Spirit, has a potential optimal vibration. Chanting Mantrum supports this. Most importantly, getting in touch with the essential ingredients( in thought, feeling/will and action) to harmonize and build balance in each one and then between and amongst each other, creates the optimal vibration. This whole experience as described in this paragraph and above is what I call Spiritual Transformation. Take a journey, beginning in each now, to experience these experiences and actions and see what you discover within. In Peace and Peacefully, Steve Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM Board Certified Licensed Psychologist 50 years experience www.peacewk.org. Books and Blogs