Literally ‘Meta’ means above; beyond, and -noia or nous means mind. Metanoia is the state of consciousness, however brief, that is beyond or outside our usual habit of thoughts, perceptions and impressions. It exists operationally as three potentially useful conditions and practices. First, it relates to our willingness and ability to neutrally, impartially and objectively OBSERVE both our inner world and the world we are engaging with. This includes our willing to engage critical thinking as part of the objective mentation and observation process. Second, it implies that we are committed to and value the observation of our inner emotional and psychological states and attitudes in any given moment as we move through time. Third, metanoia involves the notion of other dimensions and higher dimensions of experiential reality that we are generally not even aware of. It has been expressed in many diverse forms of literature and expression that we exist simultaneously in 6 dimensions of being with the last three as a potential that exists only if we put in the consistent effort over a longer period of time, preferably our lifetime.

The first and second dimensions refer to our immediate feeling and sensation states that we generally identify with as ‘us’, ‘me in any moment…sad, stressed, happy, etc. The third dimension refers to our physical and physiological, neurological reality which can be perceived, measured and even evaluated by our objective observation process. The body stands apart and outside our feeling world as a more substantial component of our human existence. When energy arts are practiced, it is a reality that becomes far more substantial and enables us to connect to higher dimensions in a more real way. We are more connected to our earth, our planet, as a living and breathing being. The fourth dimension, touching on it briefly here, is our first three-dimensional life as a being moving through time. It is the flow and manifestation of our habit thoughts, feelings and sensations that can be somatized/ take physical symptomatic form, when feelings or emotions are not addressed properly OR we can stand outside this through impartial witnessing of the goings-on within our mind, body emotion complex. Seeing from a fourth dimensional context allows us the potential to change/transform who and what we are into whatever we would like to be in a more unlimited fashion.

Right now, I invite you to take a view and a stand above the fray of these feelings, thoughts and sensations, and look at them from a transcendent perspective such as your perceived meaning and purpose to exist. Perhaps to even to connect to a 6 dimensional universal vibration!!

Question now( or any time) is, “What is your purpose and meaning to be alive?” This focus will ultimately allow you to create your own chosen destiny.