What would YOU have to lose IF you stopped any and all of those attitudes, thoughts, and habits that have come between you and realizing Peace? What failures or hurts are you, by omission, protecting yourself from? There are many ways we have lived all our lives, without real consideration of our gifts, and the tools we have access to make more conscious choices and thereby realize greater peace and fulfillment in our lives.

Building the foundation, Remorse of Conscience, is at the beginning of this journey.

We humans are all born with the potential for a Soul, and believe it or not, it is not a given. This process requires conscious work. Our whole lives we are gifted with the opportunity of learning on so many levels. Our entire life literally is being in a real University or school. There are always lessons galore because every experience, every event, every person has meaning and provides an opportunity for learning about yourself and to develop greater awareness and understanding of that person called me and you.

What is Remorse of Conscience? This is a way of life I have worked to embrace for 75 years and have found it to be profoundly meaningful. Remorse has at least three dimensions which are ever flowing and evolving from the surface to the depths of experience. The first dimension involves the ongoing process of impartial, neutral, objective and uncritical self observation. The observation of our multidimensional selves, body, mind, emotion and spirit, is the resource from which we can learn to conserve and transform all our energies. What we see, feel and think has a meaning. All of it. The meaning we need to seek in this process is to answer the question: “how does this thought, feeling, emotion, and behavior lead me toward or away from the source of peace, the Soul?”

Once we see and understand this we can begin the second dimension of Remorse of Conscience which is to question and derive exactly HOW do I correct and change this direction and move toward the Soul. What do I need to think about, ponder, feel, and do, to begin this journey here and now, toward the miraculous?

This may take some time to ascertain, but we must persist in engaging our inner voice and all our contemplative faculties! Try and make time each and every day at least twice a day for reflection and contemplation. When you see or hear something come through follow it through to the end and journal your thoughts even your dreams once you begin this journey. Journey supports insight and self reflection and even transformation.

Once I/we gain clarity here, to then engage an ongoing transformative process of separating from or moving away from any thought, feeling or action that stands in the way of the miraculous. Then you can then organically change your inner direction, so as to rise above it, finding a feeling a vertical path above the patterns that have been limiting your miraculous potential. Once you experience this you move onto the path toward understanding the meaning of your experiences, their transformative and transcendent value. This is directly related to the experience of Real Peace, the Firmament of the Soul. This latter process is the third dimensional aspect of Remorse of Conscience.Throughout these three dimensions of experience and practice, all four of our energy centers are engaged: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual which are all equally important.

However, without first, ‘right thought/idea/Li (in Taoist philosophy) nothing can proceed correctly. Clarity and intention are the keys to right thought and idea so it is vital that we continually reflect upon the WHY behind our practice of creating the miraculous within us.

As we begin our journey we encounter a fear of failure. It may be buried beneath some of the resistance to practice. Look for this inside yourself. The truth is, at each and every stage, the only failure is the failure to keep working, practicing the processes presented, each in their own way and order. Interestingly, the fear of failure almost always takes you to the very thing you are afraid of. Failure. The antidote: to utilize ALL the Gifts and tools you have been given and those already within you! This is the ‘Forever Doctrine’ of inner work to create the miraculous, Peace, the Firmament of the Soul.

Here we are, living, and now really living, in the present and into the future. There is meaning in all and everything we think about, feel, and do, and all that occurs to us as well. Understanding the meaning behind experiences, nurtures the miraculous, always and in all ways. Unless a conscious choice is made to understand meaning, each and every time, it will not occur.

In our journey we will also have expectations, both of ourselves and others, who, in any way, accompany us in our journey. Accompaniment may be for a minute, an hour, a day, a month or year or even a lifetime. It is vital we are aware of these expectations and do not let them overpower our work to move forward toward the Soul. Being unattached does not mean being disconnected. To the contrary, because the only way we can truly connect to another is to be noncontingent on them for our own inner work and our sense of being in our journey to the Soul. These efforts to be nonattached, but not disconnected, define our authenticity in our work. We are totally responsible for all that we are, think, feel, and do. Yes, I/we are totally responsible! This is the only way we can master ourselves, and our Work, to create the miraculous. Responsibility is not blame and it is important to remember that difference in moving forward toward Peace. You need to neither blame yourself nor another in this journey. Just take total responsibility for the creative processes.

Creating the miraculous within us is a lifelong process and has several markers, or symbols, of that miraculous presence within us. Each one has a vibration, a quality of thought and feeling and a spiritual dimension of meaning intrinsically connected to it.

Each aspect or sign or symbol needs to be unpacked. The first one I call: ‘Inviting’. Inviting the Miraculous through our intention, our WHY, begins the process. Our intention sets the stage for the life-energy to begin the process toward freedom.

The second is ‘Receiving’ which refers to the universal idea of opening to, and allowing the healing and wisdom of the universe to flow through us by means of our own inner Voice which can access it. What message can we hear or see or think that lies within each challenge?!? What lesson and Way does it display for me/us? Everyone can Receive this IF one is open and ready to do so. The practice and possibility of creating Remorse of Conscience begins here.

‘Releasing” is another sign/symbol or aspect or even dimension of the miraculous. It involves understanding and thereby releasing any and all patterns, feelings, thoughts, and ideas that stand in the way of Receiving the wisdom needed to move forward on our path to the Miraculous Peace of the Eternal. Try to regularly feel this peace which is embedded in each of our cells and within each moment. This releasing is a process that requires much patience and attention, and is directed at what we are observing in our most impartial way. Look at what each observation means in terms of what we are transforming and therefrom letting go of.

The third symbol I experienced is ‘Realizing’ the transformative qualities of these processes. The symbol or dimension of ‘Realizing’ is an energy that flows, floats and reverberates through us as a result of the practices of inviting, receiving and releasing as we are questioning the meaning of what is observed, and transformed and then released. This is always accompanied by the constant return to the WHY, the intention reflected upon earlier. Intention and ‘Inviting’ and the processes of ‘Releasing’ will expand in meaning in time and so will the realizations that flow from those practices. These are all vital elements in the journey of creating the miraculous.

Notice I said ‘journey OF the miraculous. Each step along the way IS part of the miraculous we are creating. This whole journey is our true nature, our birthright as humans, here on this plane of existence, as we have been given the rare opportunity in this life, and potential, to transcend.

Each moment holds the seed, the germ, the potential for the miraculous to manifest. Each moment has meaning to be revealed, as to what that journey entails. Look to the symbols and signs that are doors to the miraculous through the processes described above.

One example may serve as focal points for the direction of attention, feeling and spirit/intention. At a most important crossroads in my life I had to decide between choosing a life of comfort, security, and stability OR a life of inner exploration and adventure into the dimensions unfettered by the external world. Opening to the choice and realization of its significance was the first step, and movement forward in this journey of the miraculous. What became immediately clear was that committing to the miraculous was and is a vital component the journey itself and all that it entailed, from the inside, out. In the moments of consideration and prearation I would travel from the depths of the meditative experience, beyond the third dimension of the material world to ride the wave of the fourth dimension, which is my being moving in time and within the tapestry of my karmic realm. No amount or condition of material comfort or security could compare to the peace and bliss that exists already in the experience of ‘riding this wave’ of self exploration. I am not implying, in any way, that you must give up the lifestyle you are living to engage the journey of creating the miraculous! This was my choice in the context of my life. Each person has his/her on unique ‘context’, life.

Now, is the only time and place we can begin. It means we are present in the present and living, really living, into the future. Value and commit to this here and now and going forward in the present and into the future time and space.

Now, I will leave you to engage it and invite questions/comments as you see fit.