First step, as always, is becoming aware of the various issues to be addressed. The crucial areas are: Our natural parks and forests world wide; Food and commodities resources and ways of utilization; Emissions reduction; Endangered species and biodiversity; the human condition/overpopulation and resource use and waste. In relation to these areas of concern there are five ways to address sustainability.

We need to take an overview of each area, the state of ecosystem balance in any area of concern. This is called system level thinking which considers economics, ecology, political science, business, or anthropology. The second way to provide support is to move from footprint to influence, partners, friends, consumers and voters and legislators. Institutions and individuals need to look beyond themselves to a more encompassing view putting the conservation of resources as a priority. The third factor is government, that is community and market based solutions can thrive and endure in the context of well informed government regulations and programs and those programs must respect the rights and needs of people and the environment. Partnership with local and federal government is a new movement! The fourth component of our sustainability objective is to put YOU, all people, at the heart of everything! We need to have greater depth and discipline in community based conservation. Local and indigenous people have a key role in the design, and implementation of any conservation project and effort!! Last and certainly not the least significant factor is to BE CREATIVE! Constantly learning to navigate the complex challenges in front of us and putting the vision of an inclusive, people centered form of conservation effort will, create a synergy for building a culture of sustainability. Please let me know your thoughts about these vital issues.