Learn to Love: A dream for reality

I had a dream last night. Michelle and I were on a cruise with other couples of our spiritual/religious group.

The working group Michelle and I were part of were working on creating plans.

Plans are a key in the process of loving communication.

The message shared with me in my dream: “we each have a role to play over time that is grounded in a ‘unified mission’.

That mission is: “LEARNING TO LOVE.” We were discussing what that means. One shared meaning was to “unconditionally work to understand the needs of the other and the meaning and purpose of his/her life as we travel on this journey together.” These quotes represent the voice and expression I ‘heard’ during the course of the dream.

…As each day goes by this message needs to be the main focus of our lives together as we travel through limited time.

As we engage each day we need to foster remorse for any way we do not fulfill this mission of love, and this remorse must fill our hearts and minds so that at the end of each day we know and can say WE HAVE, IN SOME WAY, LEARNED TO LOVE, both within ourselves and for each other. ** PLAN: TO NOT LET ONE DAY GO BY WITHOUT LEARNING TO LOVE.