Often, these days, I ask myself the question: “What are the factors needed to create more peace on a societal or national level?” Here is what I came up with. First, I believe a deep sense of support and honoring of personal sovereignty(involving the freedoms of speech, health, and expressions of conscience) supported by clear national sovereignty is a critical first element for creating peace. The honoring and legitimizing of objectively moral laws as part of the founding principles and governing laws of the society is a second element. The writ of Habeas Corpus and equal justice under these laws are another. Economic policies supporting a solid middle class is also necessary to support the existence of a peaceful society. Election and voter integrity and transparency are critical elements to support all of the above. A foundation of a meritocracy allows the above elements to be energized and come to life as members of the society commune and gather in communities and are able to work in this society. The equitable distribution of goods and services based on the above is another variable mitigating the establishment of peace and peaceful relations. Foreign trade that is equitable and fair for all parties is still another economic element that supports peace and peaceful relations. A leadership that would naturally arise from such conditions will be individuals who have historically honored and supported all of the above is another component that is needed to create societal peace. From these components, the general supply of goods and services which should support the health and well-being of the society’s citizenry affordable by the majority of the citizenry is a condition that flows from the above conditions. National policies with other sovereign nations need to enhance all of the conditions and elements for peace which would include policies that support and promote a healthy and natural ecosystem balance. All of the above-named elements have been historically validated for the promotion of the psychological, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and ecological factors involved in the creation and promotion of peace. It is my most sincere hope and prayer that all of us who work for the creation of peace can utilize these variables in our thinking process and practice in whatever venues we are engaged in!!