Dr.Handwerker has 50 years of practice as a board certified Licensed Psychologist (FL, NY, SD) and D.Div. IAAHW is dedicated to the support of professionals through a variety of initiatives which include:

  1. Building Interfaith Harmony-through community counsels; local university venues; town hall events and symposia both virtually and in person   
  2. Promoting sustainability 
  3. Animal welfare 
  4. The building of resiliency  

Dr. Handwerker utilizes core values as catalysts for promoting peace in individuals and groups.  He integrates humanistic, religious/ esoteric and peace psychology in his practice. 

Spirituality and Humanitarian Practices Working Group

In 1996 Dr. Handwerker created the working group of the Peace Psychology division of the American Psychological Association. In the years since over 250 presentations have been created that included 5 international endeavors.  

   Projects include:

  1. The working group was responsible for the creation of a questionnaire that was used to evaluate the significance of spirituality on attitudes toward peace.  The results of this international study was published in the Oxford University Journal https://www.journalofacademicperspectives.com
  2. An article written by Dr. Handwerker was published in: “Dao and Daoist Ideas for Scientists, Humanists, and Practitioners” edited by Dr’s Yueh-Ting-Lee and Linda Holt.
  3. Dr. Handwerker is on the Professional and Scientific board of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and The Institute for Crisis Management http://www.nationalcenterforemotionalwellness.org/engaging-resilience

    Our resiliency paradigm is a multidimensional, transformational process consisting of mind, body, emotion, and spiritual elements.

      4. In addition, a paradigmatic  model for a sustainable community was created in Hawaii, and several elements are currently being utilized in Haiti and different U.S. cities.

      5. www.voicesofconscience.org was created as a result of ten years of effort.  The website brings to light a very significant aspect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights established by the United Nations i.e. the right of every human being to express and have honored their conscience.