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The International Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare is dedicated to spreading a message of hope across the world. We are here to encourage individuals, groups, and communities to embrace the greatest potential of our human experience. We do this by providing information, knowledge, and support toward greater self-awareness, and the understanding of the essential components to improve the quality of life.


In 1997 when I envisioned the Purpose and Meaning of this organization I knew that that Intention is much bigger than this life. What is this Peace I would commit my life to? How does it exist in the world and how do I promote it? Without doubt I knew it begins and ends and exists within. This Peace is not simply the absence of any sort of conflict. This Peace is not simply a ‘pleasurable’ experience although certainly it does not preclude such please. I realized that this Peace is very unique in a very profound and simple way.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that it is totally accessible, to anyone who truly seeks it, at anytime that a conscious choice is made. How incredible! The consciousness that exists behind and within this experience of Peace is indeed sacred. The sacredness of the Beauty of a flower; the majesty of the ocean; the presence of Love in a relationship, any real relationship, all reflect the nature of Oneness that is embracing and embraced by this Peace.

The Intention to carry and promote such Peace was the purpose of this organization and my whole life: as a medium for it serving as a citizen,son, husband, father and psychologist and healer. I started with a sacred intention as did my wife of 48 years, Michelle, and breathed the breath of life into that Peace that I worked to bring forth into various venues, both personally and professionally.

With the strength of my Faith in God and the support through the efforts of my wonderful wife, we work each day to move through all challenges gracefully and not so gracefully at times. We moved forward, inexorably more and more into the Peace that I always stood upon, like stone, through my Faith and Discipline. The Sacred Space. Solid, most immutable, Everbright…it held the Way for me to return over and over again to THAT.

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Educating through books and blogs

With our mission always in mind, we provide individuals the opportunity to learn diverse topics for expanded practice or greater self awareness.

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Wholistic Health Consultations

With our combined experience of over eighty-five years, we provide professionals and their client's wholistic health insight to aid any and all health concerns. Professionals in the health field may contact us for information, recommendations, and products.

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Peace Work Counseling

At IAAHW, we are dedicated to supporting nonprofessionals and professionals through our various initiatives and through the counseling of individuals and groups. We also offer interfaith counseling with Dr. Steven Handwerker, Doctor of Divinity, mediator and Licensed Psychologist. 

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Women's gatherings

Women's circles allow for the promotion of self empowerment, inner peace and greater community consciousness thus enhancing well being on intra-personal and interpersonal levels. Representing a dedication to greater awareness of the innate potential power within all women. Learn more or get involved today!

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